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Rome announced on the 4th that Portuguese commander Jose Mourinho will be appointed as the new coach from the 2021-22 season.

The contract period between Mr. Mourinho and Rome is from the summer of 2021 to the summer of 2024. In addition, Rome announced on the 4th that the current coach Paulo Fonseca will retire only this season. Mourinho, now 58, has conducted Porto, Chelsea, Inter, Real Madrid, Manchester U and Tottenham so far. He won numerous titles such as two Champions League championships, two Serie A championships, and three Premier League championships, and in the 2009-10 season when he led Inter, Italy's first Serie A, Coppa.

Achieved three crowns in Italy and CL. Mr. Mourinho, who had just been dismissed from Tottenham's coach on the 19th of last month, has already decided where to re-employ. Thanks to the (owner) Friedkin family for choosing me as the director to lead this wonderful club and for joining me in their vision. Meet the owner and Tiago Focus SD (Sports Director). I quickly realized the club's high ambitions.

This ambition and motivation is the same that I have always been motivated to do, and I hope to work together on the road to victory over the next few years. Pushed by the wonderful passion of Roman fans, I took on this job. At the same time, I wish Paulo Fonseca good luck, "said his enthusiasm through the club's official website.

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"I want to start investing in real estate, but I don't want to spend as much of my own money as possible."

"Is it okay to start investing in real estate with zero self-financing?" Real estate investment, which requires a large amount of initial costs, is difficult to take the first step. In fact, real estate investment can be started with zero self-financing. However, it is dangerous to start real estate investment with zero own funds without knowing the disadvantages and precautions. In this article, for those who want to start real estate investment from now on, we will explain the advantages and disadvantages of real estate investment starting with zero self-financing, and the secrets to not fail even if self-financing is zero.

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It hasn't been covered much in the media yet, but did you know that there is a serious rise in timber prices and supply shortages around the world and in Japan?

This is called a "wood shock" in analogy to an oil shock, and has caused a great deal of confusion in the domestic wood and housing industries.

To put it simply, the wood shock is a situation in which imported timber does not come into Japan due to the increase in demand for timber and supply shortages in North America and China, and as a result, the demand for domestic timber increases and it becomes difficult to obtain it.

There are several causes, ・ 1.Increased housing demand due to corona mortgage in the United States: Stay home, DIY demand, ultra-low interest rate mortgages triggered

2. Increasing demand for timber in China: Demand was originally increasing due to economic growth, and it is recovering quickly from the corona disaster.

3. Shortage of shippers (sea mail) to transport timber due to corona damage This is the beginning of the matter, which has stopped the supply of overseas timber products to Japan.

Although Japan's timber self-sufficiency rate is increasing year by year, it still relies on imports for about 50% of its building materials.


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